Mailchimp: "Add or update" a list member

Add operation member:upset to Mailchimp node

For now there are only the separate “Add” and “Update” operations

+1 We use mailchimp and it would simplify our flows if we could simply do “add or update”

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YES, I use mailchimp too, i used on integromat and there it was this node, Add/Update. Now im in pain trying to make a workflow that can make this without error

can you please show me how you made your workflow? im having trouble…

hi! i posted my workflows on n8n workflow templates for Mailchimp, Mailjet and Sendgrid contact list import, but i see they aren’t there… I’ll share them this weekend in Built with n8n - n8n :slight_smile:

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Thanks, my problem is i cant update tags with the update node from Mailchimp! im trying by HTTP Request, i dont know what parameters to set or how to build a proper Json with the tag i need to update.

I struggled too with this mailchimp API, it’s a nightmare…

For your problem I checked and you can’t add/remove a tag with the “update member” http request, only with the “add or remove member tags” request - this means passing the email in the path

I was able to add/remove tags from a member with the following call:
POST https:// ${dc}[email protected]/tags
body: {{ { “tags”: [{ “name”: “NewTag”, “status”: “active” }] } }}

The difference between add/remove is the status = “active” or “inactive”.

The thing is that when I sent the request I always got an error “Invalid JSON in response body”, whereas my JSON was good. Until I realized there was an error but the tag was indeed added…

hope this can help somehow :slight_smile:

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Thank you! This is my workflow to update or create a tag in a new user, this was basically a 2 node workflow in Integromat (i love n8n, dont get me wrong!!!).

And the error “Invalid JSON in response body” can be managed by addind this in the Http Request, so n8n can read the response: