Nginx setup

Has anyone had any joy setting up n8n to run through nginx? I’ve set n8n to run locally on port 5678 and have nginx running the site via a reverse proxy so that it’s available at https://n8n.[mywebsite].com/ (on port 443)

This works great. However, when I try to set up webhooks, the panel shows that it expects the webhook URL to be in the format http://n8n.[mywebsite].com:5678/webhook/EMPTY/webhook/

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Ah yes the problem is that you have to save the workflow first. The workflow-id is part of the webhook URL. So as soon as you save it, it will display the correct URL.

Sorry one of many things that I have to improve and properly document!

Hi jan! Thanks for this, I’ll give it a try now.

The other issue is that the URL still contains the port number of 5678 when actually I’m running through 443. Is there a way to override this?