Not able to get the Telegram trigger node executed

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I am not able to get the telegram trigger node executed. It always errored out with the following message: " There was a problem running the workflow:
Bad request - please check your parameters".

There are hardly any params in this node and wonder what’s going wrong. Below is a pic of the node params.

Appreciate your response. Thank you.!

I went through your tutorial as well, but there is nothing different I am doing. The only thing that looks different from any of the tutorials is that I have a “Start” node in the editor that I am not able to get rid of.

Could that be a problem?

Hey @ronykris!

The Start node is not an issue. May I know which version you’re using? I will try to replicate it and see if I get the same issue :slight_smile:

Hey @harshil1712 ,

I am using n8n version 0.119.0.

Can you try it on the latest version?

Do i execute below command to upgrade? Or is there a need to upgrade npm too?

npm install n8n -g

Also, for triggers to work do I need to start n8n with tunneling enabled?

n8n start --tunnel

Yes, you’re on the right track! You do need to use the tunnel flag for trigger nodes.

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thank you @harshil1712 . I had not started n8n in tunnel mode. As a result the webhooks were not reachable.


Awesome! I am glad it is working now :slight_smile:

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