Open AI chat gpt-3.5-turbo content not able to use {{ $json.text }}


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I am running into a strange issue. I have the openAI node up and everything is setup correctly. However, when I try to transfer data from a pervious node into the content of my OpenAi node. It never transforms the data into the raw string it just reads {{ $json.text }} and my chat bot keeps on responding with something like when I ask it what is sees that I am sending
“\n\nAs an AI language model, I cannot see the previous content or context. However, what is written below “{{ $json.text }}” seems to be a code snippet written in a template engine, where the variable “$json.text” is accessed or rendered. The output of this code will depend on the value of the variable “$json.text”.”

Please share the workflow

This feels like a bug with the OpenAi node because I can pass the data from previous nodes just fine with other nodes.

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Yes that is sadly a known and previously reported issue which already got fixed and will be released with the next version.

Here the other community post:

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