Request for a video tutorial about how to develop nodes


Maybe someone (any developer?) can record a video tutorial on how to develop nodes?
Starting from the simple “Hello World” node to more advanced.

I know that there is the document about how to contribute

but personally, I would prefer to watch a video and maybe it could be an additional promotion of the project on youtube?




I would very much like this as well!

Been wanting to create custom nodes, but would like to understand well, how to do that. A tutorial video on the complete process could be a big help.


It is not difficult to develop your own nodes.
I have already developed several for internal purposes.
I am not a native English speaker and so it is impossible for me to make a video about it. (I am very bad)
Would a text based step by step tutorial with pictures help?


@lublak Appreciate your guidance.

Maybe a simple video (screen recording, using Screenity or Loom ? ) with the steps to create and deploy a node/module, with only helping text wherever necessary?

If not, even a text-based step-by-step tutorial built around an example could be very helpful.

@lublak Hope to see your guide soon, you can make video and text via notepad++, text maybe use Google translate from your Language to English Google Translate

I will try to prepare something quickly. But I still need a little bit of time :wink:
I hope i can help with it. And I hope we can get some awesome community based nodes.


I’m sorry I haven’t done anything yet. My studies have taken more of a toll on me than I thought.
But the thought is still there.
I will be finished with my last exam phase on 01.08.2022 (after that I “only” have to do my bachelor thesis) and will then see how I make the video.
I currently have three videos in my head.
The first video would be about the basic installation and setup of n8n.
2nd video would be about setting up a development environment for n8n.
3. video for the development of n8n nodes
The 3rd video is currently planned to be built up in different parts. And of course examples.
(I will gladly accept suggestions for examples).
I will set the language to German now, as I simply feel most comfortable here.
But! I will provide subtitles, it will take time to translate it all but I will gladly do the work. Subtitles can be activated or deactivated as needed.
I am currently considering using the service from (3 hours of transcription are free and would take some of the work away).

(2 years later! I’m getting old, time goes by far too fast :P)


There is now a official video avaible directly from n8n:
Learn how to build your own n8n nodes - YouTube