Request for a video tutorial about how to develop nodes


Maybe someone (any developer?) can record a video tutorial on how to develop nodes?
Starting from the simple “Hello World” node to more advanced.

I know that there is the document about how to contribute

but personally, I would prefer to watch a video and maybe it could be an additional promotion of the project on youtube?




I would very much like this as well!

Been wanting to create custom nodes, but would like to understand well, how to do that. A tutorial video on the complete process could be a big help.


It is not difficult to develop your own nodes.
I have already developed several for internal purposes.
I am not a native English speaker and so it is impossible for me to make a video about it. (I am very bad)
Would a text based step by step tutorial with pictures help?


@lublak Appreciate your guidance.

Maybe a simple video (screen recording, using Screenity or Loom ? ) with the steps to create and deploy a node/module, with only helping text wherever necessary?

If not, even a text-based step-by-step tutorial built around an example could be very helpful.

@lublak Hope to see your guide soon, you can make video and text via notepad++, text maybe use Google translate from your Language to English Google Translate

I will try to prepare something quickly. But I still need a little bit of time :wink:
I hope i can help with it. And I hope we can get some awesome community based nodes.