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I have been testing n8n cloud and I am having an issue with it.

If I make a workflow using the shopify trigger, it works fine. (I am using the Shopify Trigger - products update topic which emails me when a product is updated. I receive the emails no problem.)

I can turn the node off, edit and save then reactivate it normally and it works fine.

However, if while building the workflow, I use the execute node to fill the json, then next time I try to activate it it fails.

There was a problem and the workflow could not be activated:
Shopify error response [404]: Not Found |

After I have run the execute node the only way I have found to recover is to delete it build a new workflow.

This makes it very hard to build the workflow as I don’t have access to the variables from the json…(at the moment I have a second broken workflow which I copy the variables from.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I am missing?

Hey @stuwad!

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I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue. I can confirm that there is an issue when you try to activate the node, and I have reported it to our team. I will keep you posted with the updates.

There is another workaround that might be a bit easy. You can mock the data coming from the Shopify Trigger node, into the Function node, and use it to develop the workflow. Once you have developed the workflow you can copy the workflow (select the nodes you want and use Ctrl+C or CMD+C to copy) and paste it in the workflow with a new Shopify Trigger node. Make sure to modify the variables accordingly.

Hey @stuwad!

We figured out the issue and it has been fixed. It will be updated on in the next release. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, thats impressive!


Got released with [email protected]