Sometimes I can't stop the process

Sometimes the process I manually launch doesn’t stop. I can only reload the page. When I try to stop it, I get the “Problem stopping execution” message.

Can it be because the lack of resources like RAM?

It happens to me a lot all day !
Not a RAM issue.

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Hi all, unless I am missing something here “Execution not found” would typically suggest your workflow execution has already finished but the status in the UI has not been updated yet.

So nothing you would typically have to worry about.


But I can’t work further. To stop this UI routine, I have to reload the page. And if I’m not saved, I’m doomed. Page reload shouldn’t be a solution here.

I am sorry to hear this. Can you describe the exact steps required to reproduce the problem you are facing? As mentioned, I would only ever see this message when an execution has already finished.

Dropping a “same for me” here: I also hit this behavior in my local docker-based setup(s).

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@artildo - The save should always be available (almost always in my case). So when the workflow goe soff into infinite loop mode, I save, then refresh page

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Sorry for late reply. It’s hard to replicate. Usually this happens when some node worked, and you wait some time and then launches a next one. And the process sticks.

I know when this bug occurs for sure. When I open the process, do something, then leave for some 5-10 minutes. When I try executing it. It sticks then. I have to save and reload the page.

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