Triggers between nodes

Make all triggers possible as single triggers betweens nodes.

There is currently a moment where I am processing certain data and would like to wait for a certain trigger to continue my workflow.

I assume it has the similar complexity as the wait node: Wait node in workflow

Yes exactly. We have planned to implement that once we look into the wait functionality. For both we would have to be able to put a workflow in kind of sleep and the pick up again later via some kind of event (at a specific time, Webhook call received, …)

Just as a general thought (i.e. only as a basic idea):

A kind of sub workflow system.
Actually we can use the “cron node” here and don’t need another node like the “wait node”.

When the workflow meets a trigger, another workflow is created (a subworkflow) and automatically activated. This subworkflow contains the nodes after the trigger, the trigger itself and of course the data.