Wait node: $resumeWebhookUrl has __UNKNOWN__

I’m trying to use the resume on webhook call of the Wait node, but the link I get on execution doesn’t contain the current execution ID and only is UNKNOWN. When I call the created URL with the correct ID instead of unknown it works.

It’s probably because the workflow is triggered by another workflow. It works as expected when I have a separate workflow and trigger that by itself, not by a workflow.

I’ve updated to 0.150.0, but I’ve had the problem in 0.135.1 as well…
How could I try to troubleshoot further?

Hi @leprodude, indeed, if your workflow including the Wait node is triggered through the Execute Webhook node, the resume URL would not be passed on to the parent workflow (and neither would the execution ID). If I remember correctly (based on this request) this was not implemented so wouldn’t be a bug strictly speaking.

So you might for now implement the Wait logic inside the parent workflow (and raise this as a feature request so it can be made available going forward).

Ok yeah that it can’t be passed up to the parent I can understand, what I find curious is that in the subworkflow it doesn’t work even. That’s where the wait node is, that’s where I send the link out via email, so it should have access to its execution id?

Edit: This is indeed a bug and we’re working on it. Should appear in the changelog once fixed. I’m very sorry for the trouble this causes.

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No problem, good to know it’s not just me!

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Just a quick note, I’ve received additional feedback on this in the meantime - it’ll be quite a bit of work to change this so it’s unlikely to happen soon.

What you might want to do until then is starting your sub workflow through a webhook as suggested in the thread linked above. The new Respond to Webhook node makes this quite easy:

I hope this makes sense - let me know if you run into any trouble here :slight_smile:

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Oh I haven’t thought of that, so if I understand correctly we trigger workflow B with the webhook and in that workflow the Respond to Webhook node has access to the $resumeWebhookUrl and sends it as an answer to the webhook that started the workflow? So cool :smiley: Thanks for letting me know this option!

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Yes, exactly. Though I had already forgotten about it when posting my first reply :see_no_evil:

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