Error with hubspot trigger node : "Authorization failed - please check your credentials"

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I’ve connected the Hubspot developer account in the n8n, the test connection works, no errors. Once I finish setting up the node, I get this :

The node workflow is getting deals with changed property, but none of the triggers work.
I’ve set up all the scopes for those, otherwise I could not connect at all.
Can you please help me with that?

The workflow is just a trigger node.

n8n version 0.221.2

n8n running in a docker container on an Unraid server with nginx reverse proxy and a separate domain with https.

By the way, simple hubspot node works without issues (listing deals for example)


Hi @olegbudeanu, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Using the Hubspot trigger node can be a pain I am afraid, as the Hubspot authentication process is pretty awkward. In general, the node should however work fine and it was receiving data from Hubspot just fine when testing it just now on my side:

That said, the error message suggests your trigger node can’t use any valid credentials. Are you using user management in n8n and does your user have access to the required credentials? Did you fill out all fields in the authentication dialog and hit the connect button? You should see a green bar suggest the connection is active:

Thanks for such a fast reply; that’s awesome!
Yes, all the fields are filled, and it says “account connected”, exactly as in your screenshot. The only empty field is Developer Api Key, as I thought that’s not needed if I am using OAuth. Is it still needed?
The usual node works without issues; the problem is with the trigger. I can make a workaround for it, of course, but knowing the solution for future use would be helpful.

Hi @olegbudeanu, yes I believe that’s needed to update the webhook (I am not sure why we didn’t mark it as such though tbh). This key looks just like regular API keys from Hubspot for extra confusion. You can get it from the “Apps” page of your developer account:

Could you try adding the key and see if that improves anything?

Thanks so much, this works!

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