Freshdesk Integration [GOT CREATED]

An integration for Freshdesk should be added:

@jan gonna work on this

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Wow you are really amazing! Thanks!

@RicardoE105 Thanks a lot! Got merged. Will release a new version of n8n later today.

Very sorry, did not get to it earlier. Is now released with [email protected]
Thanks a lot @RicardoE105 for creating it!

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thanks a lot for the integration.

Is it possible that you add a Freshdesk Trigger?

@plSln When I finish the node I’m doing will look into that.


Is it possible to add freshdesk triggers ?

Hey @Nikhil_Bhaskar welcome to the community.

Will look into that today.

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Hi, @RicardoE105

Thank you for the warm welcome,
It would be really helpful if this could be build

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Cloud you support get ticket data? I would like to sync freshdesk ticket to google sheet for report. Many thanks

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@hailm yeah, that should not be a problem. Will do today.

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@hailm Just finished this. @jan will let you know when is released.

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@RicardoE105 I was looking to use the freshdesk trigger as well. Please update this thread when it’s released. thank you so much for building it.

Hey @Nikhil_Bhaskar,

Sadly Freshdesk does not have a Webhooks API which makes no possible to create a Trigger node.

The good news is you can still achieve the same result using the Webhook Node.

1 - Create a Webhook node and grab URL
2 - Open Freshdesk and go to Admin → Automations

This video below explains well the step 2. The only difference in your use case would be that on “actions” you have to select “Trigger webhook”.

A screen will pop up asking you the URL where you want to send the event data to, here is where you have to put the URL you grabbed from step 1.

If you explain the exact use case you are interested in I can help put everything together.

If you have any further question do not hesitate to ask.



Thank you for the response. It helped me a lot. :+1: :+1:

I figured it out. The automation is working

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@Nikhil_Bhaskar Glad, it worked. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks a lot for writing this integration, it’s so helpful :slight_smile:

The Freshdesk API is now supporting other functionalities not yet covered by the integration, such as replying to a ticket, adding notes, etc:

Do you think you could possibly add some of those to the existing n8n integration?
Reply to ticket (Freshdesk) would be super useful.

All the best!