Hubspot Triggers Authentication

I’m a little confused about the authentication required for Hubspot when it comes to triggers. I have hubspot auth through private apps set up as other steps in my flows and that was a simple process that uses the latest auth approach recommended by Hubspot.

But for triggers, it’s an entirely different authentication with a client id, client secret, api key, and app id. The n8n docs for this aren’t really clear and don’t really align with Hubspot because I believe Hubspot is trying to do away with this type of authentication.

Is there a way to actually do this with Hubspot as it stands today which is trying not to use API keys?

I sorted this out. The trick here is that you have to create a Hubspot Developer account and create an app that can then be installed (a public app) on the hubspot account from where you want to get the triggers.


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