Pinned Data should not show in Executions

I’m not on the latest version, so if this has been fixed already, please note it and close this thread!

The idea is:

In version 0.188.0, executions show pinned data from the test mode of the workflow, and do not show the actual data passed in the execution. This pinned data should remain strictly available in the edit mode of the workflow and not seen in the execution.

My use case:

HTTP or Webhook receives data to begin workflow. In testing/edit mode, I pin data to build out the workflow. After the workflow is set ‘Active’ future executions show only the pinned data from test mode, and do not show the new data that was passed in, in the execution.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Critical data was lost. This is a suggested fix for a design flaw, that reduces critical data loss.

Any resources to support this?


I just tested with the latest version 0.211.2 there it seems to be working fine.

Hey @jan thanks.

So regardless of pinned or not in the workflow, the execution now shows the data received and not the pinned data?


Yes exactly. It must have been a bug that got fixed a while ago. The version you are on is probably around half a year old. So a lot has happened in the meantime. For sure never wrong to not fall too far behind for many reasons.

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Dankeschön Jan :pray:

You are welcome (even though I did not do anything, somebody else fixed it :wink: )!

Have fun!