Retry node

The idea is:

A node that retries something (an HTTP call for example) a certain number of times after waiting x amount of time. This could be done with a combination of nodes but it would be convenient to have it as one node and I am also thinking non-programmers can have a hard time implementing it.

My use case:

I want to poll an endpoint until a task is done

assuming the HTTP call returns a task status, the basic logic would be something like this:

if (task === "done") {
continue with workflow
} else if (maxRetries <= retries) {
loop back to input node
} else {
do something else

Are you willing to work on this?

for sure! I can implement it but first want to validate the idea

Hey @CxGarcia,

Welcome to the community :doughnut:

I am not sure how generic this could be to work with all nodes, we do have some retry settings built into each node under the node settings but it doesn’t retry until it gets a certain value.

It is an interesting thought though.

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