Schedule sub worflow to trigger at desired hour

I can’t find a way, some I’m hoping that someone has a solution.

From workflow 1, I’m retrieving a list of dates from an HTTP API. With that result I want to schedule a second workflow to run on certain dates/hours (once only). Is this possible?

So if the results of workflow 1, return (e.g.: ) 2021-04-02T09:00, I want to schedule a another workflow to run at that hour.

Right now I solved this with a a redis database and a 5m polling, but this sounds a bit wasteful of resources, I could save those dates on my GCalendar (I don’t have a calendly account, and I would like to avoid it), but has far as I understand the GCalendar node also polls the events at X interval.

In the future we would probably have a wait functionality out of the box.

In the meantime, I would use something like easycron. When their API you can schedule an HTTP request at a specified time that you can catch later with the Webhook node. Maybe the free tier is enough for you use case.

Im trying to avoid external services, however that solution is quite easy to implement locally, at least for what I need a simple docker image with a rest api and cron jobs should suffice. Thanks! :smiley: