Wait Webhook not returning a url

I am trying to use the wait node to create a webhook at runtime. When it executes, I am not seeing a variable created. {{ $execution.resumeUrl }} [filled at execution time]. It’s displaying filled at runtime, but the execution still shows as “Waiting”, so it looks like it’s running. How can I troubleshoot this? I want to create an unique url that is processed via GET when a user click the url. https://****.app.n8n.cloud/webhook-waiting/2039

This is what I am getting:
{“code”:404,“message”:“The workflow for execution "2039" does not contain a waiting webhook with a matching path/method.”}

I throught that way to and waited for the Wait Node to output a webhook url but the magic is before the workflow reaches the Wait Node at all.

Just place a Set node with a string “wait-webhook” and expression “{{ $execution.resumeUrl }}” before the Wait Node and then you will see your webhook url as a output of the Set node.

The Wait node will just output everything what you send to it using that wait-webhook created before.


That is pretty much what I do or I send it as notification to something like Gotify.

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