"Cron" on Active Task stop work

See the picture, these 2 task are both active, and start by cron.

but after 2022-07-30 03:16:35, it does not run, when I login to n8nio, these 2 task are ACTIVE, and I rechanged them to unacvie to active, they start work.

Why them stop run?

I find my cvm is on high cpu and memory near 03:00, may the cron was be kill by OOM, and does start ?
Is there some heartbeat check?

Hey @lc4t,

What version of n8n are you running? A cron node shouldn’t stop working, It could be worth checking the logs if you have them available.

latest for n8nio/n8n (4days ago)

imageid: 6d334329deb9

That is very strange, Have you checked the logs?

sorry, I didnot store log, but when I check it, there was no useful message, no warning and no error

I would have expected it to have said something, I guess the only thing we can really do now is wait to see if it happens again and if it does we can look at the log and see if there was anything that was missed.

Is there a ENV to set log file path on docker?
Or may you can recurrent it:

  1. create and active a workflow start for a cron node.
  2. make this server/cvm/pc cpu and memory to max for a while.
  3. check the cron node if it stop, and check log.

Hey @lc4t,

There are a few logging options that you can find here: Logging - n8n Documentation I can give it a go at reproducing it but to be honest a lot of my workflows use the cron node as a trigger and even when I was running n8n on a small Pi I never came across this issue.

I will set up another test environment and give it another go though, How long did you have max resource usage for? I am surprised that if it was at max you didn’t get a node memory error though :thinking:

for about 2hours, the cpu and memory is out of monitor

And I add ENV



to docker-compose.yml, but it doesnot work, I cannot find log files.

Is the volume mounted correctly? If you manually add a file to it then browse to that location in the container do you see the file?

yep,I can create a file on host and get it in container, but n8nio does not create log file.

What happens if you try and make a file in the container does that work?

I can get it on host

ok, it happend again, it was stop on 8.11, today is 8.16.

there is the log:

If you go into the workflow does it show which node it failed on?

different workflow error in different node:
rss node → 503,
mysql node → getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN …

Hey @lc4t,

Ah I got you, The failed workflows shouldn’t really matter then it is just that they are not running again. I know you are using Docker but are you using sqlite or another database and is configured to use queue mode or the default?

All env vars here:
- DB_TYPE=mysqldb
- DB_MYSQLDB_HOST=…tencentcdb.com
- TZ=Asia/Shanghai
- N8N_LOG_LEVEL=debug
- N8N_LOG_OUTPUT=file,console
- N8N_LOG_FILE_LOCATION=/home/logs/n8n.log